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Career Counselling

We offer a career counseling service to assist students and parents to arrive at a suitable career choice so that the student is assured of choosing an appropriate career path in line with their academic achievement based on past performance


Admission Placement

We assist with admissions to high schools, colleges, vocational and Universities depending on your academic and professional background i.e. from High school to Doctorate programs. We provide valid information to all students wishing to study anywhere in the world.


Visa Facilitation

We offer Visa counselling services – including lodging of Visa application at the Australian High Commission on your behalf. The types of visas include: Student, Visitors, Spouse Sponsored, Business Short Stay, and we have a good working relations with the Australian High Commission and the Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE). Our Visa success rate is over 90%. Apart from Australia we assist with visa lodgement on-line for other countries including: UK, Canada, USA just to mentions a few.

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